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A-tropical-flower is a site dedicated to the special flowers, foliage and flora found on the beautiful tropical island of Hawaii. In today’s world, most people seldom have the time (or desire) to worry about something as ordinary as the vegetation of such a beautiful place. However, it is also a fact that these people tend to over look the importance of flora and fauna when it comes to the natural beauty of such a location.

Indeed Hawaii is a beautiful place, but can you imagine Hawaii without the beautiful trees and exotic plants and long stretches of barren land in its place. Somehow the whole beauty of the place would be ruined and the tropical exotica would just become wasteland. That is why it is of utmost importance that awareness is created about these beautiful gifts of nature which in most cases are in danger of becoming extinct from the face of this planet let alone Hawaii. A-tropical-flower is an attempt to do just that!

Here you can find detailed information on several of the flowers and plants native to the island of Hawaii. Most of these plants are virtually unknown to us despite the fact that we are wowed by their beauty when we see them.

These are flora such as the Calatheas flowers or the Heliconias plants which are some of the more endangered species of flora around. A-tropical-flower also contains links to other resources that are packed with information that could help the visitor if they are interested in finding more information about these plants. There are also interactive flash based games within our site which allow visitors to the site to have some fun and be entertained whilst here.